Fun With Sidebar Tabs

This plugin is no longer maintained or supported. It has not been tested with the most recent version of WordPress and will likely cease to function entirely after WordPress 2.8. If you like this plugin and want to take over development of it please let me know.

Fun with sidebar tabs is a WordPress plugin that adds a tabbed widget sidebar to your theme.

What it does

The plugin adds a new widget sidebar that shows one widget at a time via a mini-tab system.

WordPress Versions

It has been tested on WordPress 2.5 (with some limited testing on 2.6b1) with the default theme and several of my own themes.


Unzip the folder to your plugins directory and activate as usual.

Go to the widgets page, under Presentation. Here you will find an option to choose how many tabbed sidebars you want. Selecting 3 will create three Tabbed Sidebar Widgets that can be added to your main dynamic sidebar. You can then add other widgets to those three Tabbed Sidebars as you would any other sidebar.


Version 0.4

Changed from Prototype to JQuery due to quicker loading times and conflicts with other plugins.

Added function to handle more tabs than the width of the box can cope with.

Fades in and out on tab change.

Version 0.3.1-0.3.2

Corrected a bug in the theme tag which would stop the sidebar appearing for users not using widgets.

Version 0.3

Altered the Javascript so that without it a normal sidebar appears. This does mean though that a blog with lots of Javascript or slow loading things at the end like Google Analytics can delay the execution of the script, in this case you will see the full sidebar content and this will then change into the tabs.

Added the option to style various parts of the CSS for each sidebar through the widget control.

Version 0.2.1-0.2.4

Error corrections for PHP 4.

Version 0.2

Fixed the Opera problem (and hopefully the Safari problem as well but I couldn’t test it);

Added support for multiple tabbed sidebars

Corrected the top margin problem, and added comments to the CSS file to help users make changes if their theme requires more space stil.

Update: It has occurred to me that there may be some unanticipated changes when upgrading from a previous version.

If you used a previous version you will need to set it up again as new, because the sidebars are now numbered, meaning the settings of which widgets you had in the old, non-numbered, sidebar won’t carry across.

To cope with multiple sidebars the CSS has also changed to used classes instead of IDs. If you have intentionally overridden any of the CSS then you may need to rethink it. It also means that, for complex sidebars with lots of nested lists, the styles are more likely to be compromised by CSS in your theme style sheet.

Version 0.1.2

Corrected a missing closing tag in the HTML.

Version 0.1.3

Subversion problems, no changes.

Version 0.1.2

Corrected a folder-name problem that meant the version downloaded from WordPress didn’t work.

Version 0.1.1

Added a widget so that the sidebar can be added to the main dynamic sidebar without the theme tag. Be careful, If you use the theme tag, and then (presumably accidentally) add the Tabbed Sidebar Widget, to the Tabbed Sidebar itself then you will destroy the Universe.

Known Problems

It has been tested successfully on IE6, IE7, Opera 9.25 and Firefox 3 and Safari PC.

Other problems are likely the result of differences in the CSS used by various themes.